Type 6/4 Thermoplastic Hose

Part No : 00.70.1017 (7 m)

Part No : 00.70.1000 (10 m)


Waterblast : Heat exchanger tube cleaning, surface preparation (concrete removal, surface cleaning of buildings, paint removal), tank and vessel cleaning

Hydraulics : Bolt tensioning, pressure test equipment (valves, tooling and control panels), hydraulic tools (instrumentation packages for gauges, control of service equipment, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic tools)

Max. Working Pressure : 1500 bar

Inner Diameter : 6.3 mm

Outer Diameter : 12.6 mm

Lenght : 7, 10 m


Inner Core : Polyoxymethylene (POM)

Pressure Support : 4 layers of high-tensile steel wire

Outer Cover : Polyamide (PA)

Colour : Grey, other colours optional.

Temperature : [-30 ºC to +60 ºC]

Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Working Pressure * Burst Pressure Bend Radius Weight Inner Diameter of Insert Outer Cover Material Outer Cover Diameter
ø mm ø mm bar bar mm kg/m ø mm ø mm
6.3 12.6 1500 3800 180 0.295 3.5 Carbon Steel 16.4
*Safety factor between burst pressure and working pressure as well as test pressure depends on operating conditions. For gaseous media a safety factor of 1:6 is to be applied and the outer cover is to be pricked. The indicated working pressure refers to the hos only. Depending on the used fitting the permitted working pressure of a hose assembly can be less.

Fitting Type: Male
Material: Carbon Steel