T-3000 High Pressure Gun

T-3000 High Pressure Gun

T-3000 High Pressure Gun

Part No: 88.53.3388

Part No for only gun. Lance, grip are optional.

Max. Flow Rate : 40 l/min.

Max. Working Pressure : 3000 bar

Pressure Connection : 26X1.5

Pressure Ring : M14X1.5 LH

Weight : 3 kg

Total Length : Approx. 1000 cm (with 750 cm lance)

Standart Accessories

- 2 m remote control connecting cable

- Hose connection M26X1.5, M14X1.5 LH ring

- 75 cm length lance M14X1.5 LH


Electric Controled

T-2750 D Lance

Length of the lance: 50cm, 100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 300cm



High Pressure Gun Shoulder Support

Shoulder Support

Insert Nozzle Holder

Insert Nozzle Holder

High Pressure Gun Hose Connection Fitting

Hose Connection Fitting

Orbital Nozzle 3000

Cleaning Heads

Fixed Nozzles

Fixed Nozzles